Am observant ca se imultesc cititori de limba engleza,ca sa le dau ceva sa citeasca mai usor am ales postarea aceasta,asta nu determina pe cei de limba romana sa nu stie aceasta. Este vorba de actul Spalarii piciorelor facut chiar de Isus si poruncit sa il facem si noi.  Postarea incepe cu cuvintele frumoase ,aratand Maretia Dumnezeului nostru; MAINILE CARE AU ARANJAT(AU DAT FORMA STELELOR) ACUMA SPALA TOATA MIZERIA MEA(PACATUL MEU) PRINTR-UN SIMPLU GEST AL SMERENIEI LUI

The hands that shaped the stars now wash away all my filth.

The disciples enter, one by one, and take their places around the table. After a long day of healing and casting out devils. Walking in the hot sun and dusty rocky roads wearing sandals. On the wall hangs a towel, and on the floor sits a pitcher and a basin. Any one of the disciples could volunteer for the job, but no one does.

After a few moments, Jesus stands and removes His outer garment. He wraps a servant’s girdle around His waist, takes up the basin, and kneels before one of the disciples. He unlaces a sandal and gently lifts the foot and places it in the basin, covers it with water, and begins to bathe it. One by one, one grimy foot after another, Jesus works His way down the row.

In Jesus’ day the washing of feet was a task reserved not just for servants but for the lowest of servants. Every circle has its pecking order, and the circle of household workers was no exception. The servant at the bottom of the totem pole was expected to be the one on his knees with the towel and basin.

In this case the one with the towel and basin is the King of the universe. Hands that shaped the stars now wash away filth. Fingers that formed mountains now massage toes. And the One before whom all nations will one day kneel now kneels before His disciples. Hours before His own death, Jesus’ concern is singular. He wants his disciples to know how much He loves them. More than removing dirt, Jesus is removing doubt and pride.

Jesus knows what will happen to His hands at the crucifixion. Within twenty-four hours they will be pierced and lifeless. Of all the times we’d expect Him to ask for the disciples’ attention, this would be one. But He doesn’t.

You can be sure Jesus knows the future of these feet He is washing. These twenty-four feet will not spend the next day following their master, defending His cause. These feet will dash for cover at the flash of a Roman sword. Only one pair of feet won’t abandon Him in the garden. One disciple won’t desert Him at Gethsemane, Jesus won’t even make it that far! He will abandon Jesus that very night at the table. „He now showed them the full extent of His love.



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